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Our History

With the changes in the structure to the development of the domestic industry, the output value of the service
sector for China's GDP continued to climb beyond industrial output growth in early 1991. In view of this, the school in 1998 established the Department of Marketing and Logistics Management. The purpose of the establishment is to cultivate professional talent for Marketing and Distribution Management for Taiwan's economic reform and growth.

In 1999, the school was renamed the University of Science and Technology. In response to the demands from industry, two more classes were established in the department and in 2000 weekend classes were added to provide industry practitioners with an educated workforce.

To meet the growing demand for middle and senior management, the Department established a master’s program in 2002 with weekend classes


Learning goal 1.1: Knowledge and Understand Rubric

Learning goal 1.2: Analysis and Application Rubric


Learning goal 2.1: Critical Thinking Rubric

Learning goal 2.2: Creative Thinking Rubric


Learning goal 3.1: Oral Communication Rubric

Learning goal 3.2: Written Communication Rubric


Learning goal 4.1: Code of Ethical Conduct Rubric

Learning goal 4.2: Ethical Evaluation Rubric

COB Mission

The College of Business at STUST aims to become a highly recognized and influential business school throughout Asia. We are devoted to advancing and disseminating business knowledge, in order to serve the community, businesses, and society. 

In keeping with this mission, we endeavor to:

  • Develop business leaders, professionals and scholars, with advanced cognitive capabilities and ethical thinking.
  • Integrate academic and industry partnerships through cooperative endeavors, to innovate new technologies and business strategies.
  • Provide industrial consultancy and public policy advisory services, to serve the evolving requirements of Taiwan and the wider Asian region.


Integrated Academic and Practice, to Cultivate Forward-looking Insight Talented Person of Digital and Smart for Marketing and Logistic.